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Railings in the Greater Vancouver Area

Railings are one of the most prominent attributes of your deck. As a railing installation company, Phoenix Ediger Sundecks provides many different styles to choose from, wether it’s frosted or clear glass or aluminum picket, we make it work for you. We have a large variety of colours to choose from as well. Let us help complete that look your lifestyle demands.

Lots of Applications

Phoenix Ediger Sundecks is fully equipped to provide any railing service, with a complete a range of projects, from home renovations to commercial construction.

Our scope of railing installation services is quite broad, and we’re staffed with professionals who can answer your railing-related questions. Give us a call today and tell us about what you need done so that we can get started.


New front entrance

customers wanted to spruce up there front entrance and there fold up chairs just weren't doing the trick.